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Krista M. Moore is an author, speaker, spiritual director, healer, yoga teacher, inspired by the Christian mystics, pursuing a Master of Divinity from Emmanuel College of Victoria University in the University of Toronto.

Krista’s Daily Book of Miracles is a work in progress, which she has been writing for a year, and is publishing as 365 daily posts. Dedicated to uplifting and inspiring you to connect with Spirit in a new way, through contemplative prayer, self-reflective questions, teachings from the Bible and other sacred and secular sources; with honesty, humour, and devotion.  For seekers, spiritual and religious. Includes daily messages, prayers and blessings for all.

Feel free to share with your loved ones, respecting Copyright 2019 Krista M. Moore.

Thank you for visiting and reading Krista’s Book of Miracles! 

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